Sports Funding 2016-2017


PE funding Academic Year 2016 /17


What did we want to do?

  1. Improve the quality and time spent on the delivery of PE to children, including after school clubs, so that all children have greater opportunities to reach their potential
  2. Improve the quality of teaching of PE in a sustainable fashion by providing sports specialists to work alongside all teaching staff.
  3. Provide more opportunities for competitive sport
  4. Provide children with healthy sporting opportunities that are self funding and can be used by children and their families now and in later life
  5. Provide children with a healthy start to the school day by setting up an 'active' breakfast club
  6. Encourage children with specific skills to specialise through county opportunities
  7. Make closer links with the local community lasing together on a grant and encouraging children and families to make greater use of the local tennis club facilities

What did we decide to do? What did we spend the PE funding on?


Autumn term

  • We employed  an expert PE teacher to deliver  1⁄2 day per week of PE, to the children. This included CPD for staff members.
  • We employed a qualified football coach to deliver an after school football club
  • We employed a cross country specialist  (and Olympic trainer) to run a cross country club
  •  We held weekly before school fun runs and entered the  Cheltenham Schools half marathon challenge
  • We hired the village Hall to provide sufficient space for PE activities  
  • We part  funded a healthy before school breakfast  which allows children to engage in physical activities before school and provides toast and juice for all our before school fun runners.
  • We worked with local cluster schools to create a sustainable approach to inter- school competition

Spring term


We continued with the provision that had been put in place in the  Autumn term

 In addition:


  • We entered the district, county  and national cross country events.
  • We hosted our own cross country event for cluster schools
  • We signposted talented footballers in Year 4 and  5 for the district trials
  • We provided an additional cross country running opportunity fro Y5/6 enabling us to target children who had not accessed any additional sporting provision
  •  We took part in a community Rugby day  and cluster rugby competition
  • We took part in the Stroud District Country Dancing Event
  • we helped to fund a place fro one of our school pupils to travel to Jersey as part of the Gloucester Boy District Football team




Summer term

We continued with the provision that had been put in place in the  Autumn term

 In addition:

  • We paid for an annual subscription to the outdoor facilities provided by our local Scout Centre for adventurous outdoor activities
  • Offered an athletics club and took part in the district athletics competition
  • Provided a opportunity for Y5 and 6 children  to try skiing
  • Gave back to the wider community by holding a Race fro Life
  • Supported the local community in raising the profile of the Tennis club and sign posting summer club tennis lessons for children
  • We ran a sports morning with Young Leaders from Kingshill Secondary School
  • We joined local cluster schools for a sports morning run by Pulsar
  • We purchased an interactive board for the hall to support indoor PE sessions and to allow us to access free software programmes for dance and yoga for classes and After School Club
  • We entered a swimming gala with cluster schools


Bought in specialist support


Entry to sporting events


Sporting group membership


Transport to sporting events






Hall hire


Sports trips



What has been the impact so far?

  • Children have benefited from the input of a sports specialists improving skills and technical knowledge.
  • Staff have enhanced their skills and knowledge to ensure a sustainable approach to PE
  • We make full our use of the outdoor environment ensuring children are fit and healthy and are able to make accurate risk assessment when explore the area in their own time

Five children won medals at the district Cross county with one pupil going on to represent the school at both county and national level.

  • Over half the children on roll now regularly join in the before school fun runs, as do some parents
  • 20+ children took part in the  Cheltenham half marathon event raising the  profile of sport with families
  •  Our first every race for life raised over £900, for charity, an impressive amount fro a small school
  • One child played for the  schools county football team
  • Sport has been used effectively to enable our children to mix with children from other schools, including the secondary school that most Year 6's were joining this year
  • Our children’s healthy and active lifestyle  is evidenced by the  fact that they are in no way representative of the county average of 30% obese children at primary age

Long term Impact:

  • Staff training ensures quality PE session can be delivered independently


  • Children are engaged in PE supporting a healthy lifestyle and positive attitudes to sport, including some where they had previously been reluctant to join in (supported by an additional cross country session for Y5/6 in the Spring term) this year


  • By entering more competitions children are being challenged and are aiming higher. This attitude to learning in sport can be applied to other areas.



  • Our sports provision is  taking full advantage of the local environment . In doing so we are encouraging children to understand local risks and ensure they can use their local area affectively beyond the school day.


  • Closer liaison with local facilities, such as the tennis club will help to ensure its continued use and sustainability.


  • Many of the adults in the surrounding area run for a hobby, children are already beginning to run with their parents following the introduction of cross country. This a sport that can be easily sustained into adult life.