Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium funding Academic Year 2015-16

Allocation £2,646


Pupil Premium is allocated to schools from central Government to support

children from low-income families who are currently known to be eligible for

free school meals and children who have been looked after continuously for

more than six months. Schools are free to spend the money as they see fit and are required to publish this information online.



Our school allocation for 2015/ 2016 from central Government = £2,646


Even though, at Cranham, we have a very small proportion of children who are eligible for Pupil Premium we are committed to ensuring all our children make the best possible progress. We track the achievement of every pupil on a regular basis and do all we can to make sure each child achieves their potential.


Currently 7.8% of pupils are eligible for pupil premium. (Funding for pupils is based on the January Census).


Note: given the number of pupils involved specific costings and progress data are no recorded on the website


What do we want to do?

We want to ensure that no child fees disadvantaged, academically or socially, and that all children have full access to the extended curriculum. We intend to to help the most vulnerable children to close the gap with both their emotional and academic needs. We will provide for the whole child recognising the important role additional agencies can provide.

What did we decide to do? What are we spending the Pupil Premium funding on?

We provide funding for school trips.

We fund a CAF qualified HLTA to work as a family-support working and liaise with outside agencies to ensure the best provision to pupils' social and emotional well-being.

We provide pastoral support.

We are providing tailored intervention programmes to close the gap in attainment.

Following the establishment of a school breakfast club, we have provided access to this for Pupil Premium children

We have provided HLTA support in both classrooms.



Autumn Term

Funding for school trips - £90

HLTA pastoral provision - £210

Silver Seal - £112

HLTA classroom support -£250

HLTA classroom one to one intervention - £250

Breakfast club funding - £150

Additional extra curricular activities - £20


Spring Term

HLTA pastoral provision - £210

Silver Seal - £112

HLTA classroom support -£250

HLTA classroom one to one intervention - £250

Breakfast club funding - £150

Ensuring children have access to After-School Club – currently lottery funded, no additional charge for food for PP pupils


Summer Term

HLTA classroom one-to-one intervention - £250

TA classroom 1 to 1 intervention - £165

TA classroom small group writing intervention - £120

Use of Coventry Building Society to provided a reading partner – no cost

Breakfast club funding - £250 (increased uptake)

Funding for School Trips - £30


Total £2,869 (includes carry forward from 2015-16 planned into spend as new pupils were know to be joining after the date that Pupil Premium had been allocated to the budget.)


What has been the impact ?

All Pupil Premium pupils have been fully included in all aspects of school life including school clubs, trips and weekend events.


Pastoral support has been consistently strong. This is regularly timetabled allowing children to dip in and out of the service as required. Pastoral support has had a positive impact on self-esteem and strengthened home/school relationships.


Targeted intervention has enable rapid progress to be made, supporting two children in closing the gap. Pupil progress meetings are held throughout the year to ensure progress is made and planned for.


Both classes receive additional support (HLTA or TA to ensure small teaching groups and high quality teaching).


Access to Breakfast Club has provided support on both a social level and in fostering a healthy lifestyle. A recent study on the impact of providing a healthy breakfast to school children in Wales has highlighted the impact on attainment.


Pupil Premium children are keen to come to school and there has been a 10% improvement in attendance for targeted pupils.


Funding for additional sports activities has supported a healthy life style, particularly in encouraging low investment sports such as running which families can participate in out of school for no additional cost.


Due to the small numbers of pupils involved attainment is not reported on the school website.



The school uses pupil premium funding well to ensure that all pupils are able to access all parts of the curriculum, including residential visits. It has also supported pupils effectively to help them make good academic progress. This demonstrates the school’s commitment to equal opportunities and to ensuring that there is no discrimination.”

-Ofsted March 2015


Pupil premium external review planned June 2017