Our Staff

Headteacher: Mrs Rebecca Slater
Teachers: Mrs Laura Hodges
  Mr Christopher Hull
  Mrs Rebecca Bettington
  Miss Emily Hugh
SENCO: Mrs Rebecca Bettington
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Victoria Payton (KS2)
  Miss Rubie Major (EYFS - KS2)
   Miss Amy Stewart (EYFS - KS1)
PE Specalists: Mr Luke Stratford
  Mr Pete Woodall
Pastoral Support: Miss Lucy Ryan  
Lunchtime Staff: Mrs Jacqui Lane
  Mrs Sharon Workman
   Miss Amy Stewart
  Mrs Linda Lee
  Miss Rubie Major
Breakfast Club: Miss Amy Stewart
  Mrs Jacqui Lane
After School Club: Mrs Jacqui Lane
  Mrs Theresa Newman
  Miss Rubie Major
  Mrs Victoria Payton
Office and Finance Manager: Mrs Wendy Argent
School Administrator:

Miss Lucy Ryan

Please note for any queries from parents or members of the public please contact Mrs Rebecca Slater (Executive Headteacher).