Cranham C of E Primary School Attendance and Absence

Statement of Intent

The school aims to work together with parents to ensure that all children registered at Cranham Church of England Primary School attend both regularly and punctually.

Parents' responsibilities

Parents have a legal duty to ensure that children of compulsory school age attend on a regular and full time basis.

Parents should ensure that if their child is absent from school for any unavoidable reason such as sickness, they should contact the school office as soon as possible, preferably on the first morning of the absence. This may be done by phone, by e-mail, in person or letter. (We do keep records of reasons for absence and these are monitored).

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Parents may not authorise their child's absence – only the Headteacher can do this on the basis of the explanation provided by the parents. Should parents fail to provide a satisfactory reason for their child's absence, the school will record such absence as unauthorised.

Parents should ensure their child arrives at school in time for the start of registration which is 8.45a.m. The school is open from 8.30 a.m. and we ask that pupils wait in the playground until the bell rings at 8:45a.m. If a child is late their parent should report directly to the school office to sign their child in. A late book is used to record all incidents of late arrival and suitable reasons should be given.

School responsibilities

The school will record and monitor attendance in accordance both with the statutory requirements and with the principle that regular, uninterrupted attendance is vital to a child's educational progress.

Morning registration is taken at 8:45 a.m. and closes at 9:15 a.m.  Therefore if a child arrives after registration but before 9:15 a.m. they will receive a late mark in the register. Pupils who arrive at school after the close of the register will receive an unauthorised registration. Afternoon registration is at 1:00pm.

If a child is absent, the class teacher will enter the appropriate code in the register. If no explanation has been received from the child's parent the administration staff will telephone to make contact with the parent.

All absence reasons will be taken note of and logged on our attendance register system.

The Headteacher will regularly collect attendance data and will use it to inform the Education Welfare Officer at meetings. These meetings will provide agreements about attendance targets and will also identify actions to be carried out by the school and the EWO.

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