Next Week in School

Here you can find out what each year group is learning about the following week.

Each grid will be updated by each individual teacher on the Friday of each week. 

Year Group Week Commencing: 24th June 2019
Reception The children will be learning all about Africa.
Year 1 Reading & Writing: We will be looking at poetry, including the structure and features Maths: Fractions  Other: All about Africa
Year 2 Reading:Non- Fiction texts:Writing: Narrative relating to our theme Maths: Measuring mass and capacity Other: All about Africa
Years 3 & 4 Reading: To use evidence to justify inferences Writing: To finish writing and to edit our newspaper reports. Maths (Y3):Measuring mass and capacity Maths (Y4): Time Other: locating the world's countries
Year 5 Reading: Writing: Maths: Others:
Year 6 Reading: Writing: Maths: Others:



Year Group Week Commencing: 17th June 2019
Reception .The children will be choosing their favouriourite animal from the school trip and fidning out more information about it.
Year 1 Writing: Creating information fact files about our chosen animal form the trip. Maths: Fractions Other: Arts Week
Year 2 Writing:  Non-chronological reports based on our school trip  Other: Arts Week
Years 3 & 4 Writing: This week, years 3 and 4 will be writing their newspaper reports to inform other children in the school about the issue surrounding plastic pollution in our oceans.  Maths: In the afternoons, years 3 and 4 will be learning about coordinates linked to our ocean topic Other: Arts Week
Year 5 Writing: newspaper reports linked to our trip to the aquarium.  Maths: coordinates linked to our oceans topic Other: Arts Week
Year 6 This week year 6 will be on their residential in the Isle of Wight










Year Group Week Commencing: 10th June 2019
Reception We will be starting to learn about different sentence structures.
Year 1 Reading:  Consolidating our phoincs work Writing: Developing a character description Maths: We will be looking at fractions of shapes including halves and quarters Other: We will be learning about Africa.
Year 2 Reading: Scanning texts to retrieve information. Writing: Write non-chronolgical reports. Maths:  Review ares of maths to revisit key concepts. Other:Thematic writing.
Years 3 & 4 Reading: asking questions to improve understanding of what they are reading.  Writing: continue to learn about how to write newspaper reports. Maths (Y3): To review key areas of mathematics.  Maths (Y4): Time Other: Water cycle 
Year 5 Reading: Make inferences from the text/explain and justify inferences with evidence from the text  Writing: Writing and editing a Balanced Argument Maths: Geometry: Properties of Shape Other: Renewable or non-renewable energy
Year 6 Reading: Make inferences from the text/explain and justify inferences with evidence from the text  Writing: Editing our writng to meet Year 6 ARE Maths: Geometry: Properties of Shape Other: Linnaean System